The Future Ooze

from by Sans Pareil



I wanna live in the world unseen
Don’t wanna live in the world concrete
Whats that, out the corner of my eye?!
Another glimpse of a world beneath/ obscurity

I wanna live in the outer reach
Cannot pull my consciousness free
from what's out the corner of my eye-
Another trap notifying me/ confining me/ restricting me
Another trap intruding

A bad vibration
Woke him in the night
Sprung out of his bed
And raced over to the desk
Where bathed in lamplight, piled high-
He tore through inexplicable files
And the horror formed right before his eyes
and oozed onto his trembling thighs

Time is incorporated
Space is incorporated
Flesh is incorporated
Sex is incorporated
Memory incorporated
Technology incorporated
Don’t touch me is incorporated
You are incorporated


from The Future Ooze, released April 29, 2016



all rights reserved


Sans Pareil UK

Sert La Bonne Cause Et Meurte

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