Codename: Tarantula

from by Sans Pareil



Codename: Tarantula
The city cloaked in night
Hides all its secrets where the street lights barely shine
Oh, crooked Councillor, on back seat with Maxine
Her concealed camera has captured everything

Codename: Tarantula

Above the city tonight, a drone sentinel glides
Heat seeker and force field where patrol cars never drive
Caught luckless vagrants on roof of NCP
Rounded up and 'processed', the solutions been agreed

The fear, is getting worse all the time

I recall one of them had a tattoo upon his neck
"Struggle and Strive" scrawled out in swirly script
And on his forearm, bore a regimental badge
Kept pleading "boys, i done 3 tours of Helmand"
Meanwhile the envelope sits comfy in his in-tray
Video files, text messages- a real tasty dossier
And only for a packet of notes, left under rail archway
He can keep his sordid escapades out of the papers

Codename: Tarantula
The prisoners of night
The mind polluted populace screaming soundless in the half light
Out in the junkyards, figures picking through remains
Under chimney stacks forever billowing smoke and ash and flame


from The Future Ooze, released April 29, 2016



all rights reserved


Sans Pareil UK

Sert La Bonne Cause Et Meurte

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