A Scumbag Panorama

from by Sans Pareil



I Couldn't help myself
I'm falling down again
I'm falling deep deep deep in the mire

Don't put these images?
Up on Instagram
I don't want nobody to find out

That i was out drinking
And I took something
Was like a pool cue to the canister

Then Adam Duke says, "Lets get our dicks wet!"
You know he's murder when he gets like this

She said- you are such a Scumbag
I'm inclined to think she's on to something
So I better keep right out of sight!

There was piss all on the pavement
Piss all on the buttons of the cash machine

And the money wouldn't come
Said 'Insufficient Funds'- you know the drill

The bird i was with, whispering sweet nothings
Did a puke all down my trousers

Don't put these images up on Instagram
I don't want the missus to find out

She said, you are just a scumbag
I'm inclined to think she's onto something
So I better keep right out of sight!

I can't afford a taxi to get me home
The busses don't run around here no more
So i guess, i guess, i guess i'm a condemned man!

The great lump came lumbering….

Out of nowhere! Out of nowhere!

….held aloft loose paving slab

Over his head! Over his head!

He brought that grievous chunk down

Square onto the poor fucker's crown

And howled blue murder as he fled

Back across the wastes to the White Road estate.


from The Future Ooze, released April 29, 2016



all rights reserved


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Sert La Bonne Cause Et Meurte

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